Oval Callout: Course Timetable and Assignments
Management 322-International Business



Class: Spring 2004            TTh 01:40-02:55PM                 Maybank Hall 316

Faculty: Ben Lever

Office Hours: TTh 10:30-11:30 AM & 1:30-4:00 PM; and by appointment   Office: Tate 309

Phone: Office: 953-7273; cell phone: 270-7604

E-mail: leverb@cofc.edu


Text: International Business 4th Edition by Charles W. L. Hill, published by Irwin/McGraw-Hill

Text Website: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072470534/information_center_view0/

Financial Times of London (subscribe, read online, or share). You are required to read the FT, Wall Street Journal or other business periodical on a regular basis. A 15-week student subscription to the FT is available for $ 29. This is so that you may contribute to class on current issues.


Web Site: http://www.cofc.edu/~leverb/ 

e-Reserve Site: http://ereserve.cofc.edu/courseindex.asp  - Look under instructor, “Lever”, password will be given in class.


Other Recommended Readings:

The Wall Street Journal

Business Week

The Economist

The Competitive Advantage of Nations by Michael Porter

Listening assignment: Public Radio International (PRI) Marketplace 89.3 FM 6:00-6:30PM


Course Description:

A study of the environment and operations of international business with emphasis on the nature and scope of international business, the framework of international trade transactions, the nation-state and international business, assessing national environments and managing the multinational enterprise. 


In addition to lectures, this course will make significant use of “The Case Method”, which is based upon the active/deductive theory of learning. You will learn by actively engaging in focused analysis of specific cases, readings and text. By becoming involved, you will actively learn as compared with the passive learning process of only lectures.


As you likely know, case studies require substantial time and effort to prepare properly. If you are willing to devote the time and feel this style of learning suits you, you will likely gain much from the effort. If prefer a more passive style and traditional lecture approach, this course may not be for you.


To be successful in this class, it is expected that you should:

·      Read and prepare every case and come to class fully prepared to present your assessment and solution to the problem you identify.

·      Read the assigned materials from e-reserve and the text before class.

·      Effectively participate in class and a group case study that will be assigned later.


The key for class is preparation and participation. Those who prepare can generally participate so it starts with preparation. Your effort will be evaluated on both quality and quantity of your input.


In addition, each class must be regarded as a scheduled business meeting. It is unacceptably rude to miss class or to come to class unprepared. If there is an emergency that makes it impossible for you to miss class or be fully prepared, please email or call me (953-7273) in advance of the class.



Prerequisites: Junior standing; ECON 201 and 202


Grading:           Three Exams/Unannounced Quizzes                            60 pts.

                    Individual Written Case /Team Written Case           20 pts.

                    Map Quiz                                                                   5 pts.

                    Class Participation                                                      15 pts.

                    Attendance (see next page)

                    Extra Credit Opportunities may be given                      _____

                                                                                   Total             100 pts.    


Course grade

















Attendance policy: Required at all times: 0 points off for first 2 absences, 2 points off final average for remaining absences (deducted from totals).

Please do not come to class late, and be prepared to stay until class is over. In either case of non-compliance, it will be considered as an absence.


Class Participation Guidelines: As noted above, 15 points of the final grade will be given for class participation. Based upon previous classes, it is possible that the range for students in this class will be from 0 to 15.  A fully participating contributor will:



Exam Policy: Please follow the College Honor Code.

A make-up multiple-choice exam for exam 1 or 2 will be possible if a regularly scheduled exam is missed for a legitimate and substantiated reason. Regardless of which exam is missed, a multiple choice make up exam, covering all the text material for exams 1&2 will be administered the last week of class, prior to exam 3.



E-mail Distribution List and Website: E-mail assignments or information will be distributed from time to time to the class. Please ensure your current and active e-mail address has been provided to the professor either in the student information sheet for this class or by e-mail notification to the professor. This is a course requirement. In addition, the college library e-reserve system will be used extensively.




·       The College Honor Code will guide the behavior of each student

·       Daily preparation and participation in discussion will be essential for learning and for excelling in the course. Each student’s preparation and participation will be evaluated based upon their sustained efforts to participate in the discussion, to learn from the cases, and to contribute to the learnings of the group.

·       Students will be responsible for content in the text or other written material as well as content discussed in class.

·       Quizzes may be given at the time each chapter is discussed.

·       Students are required to turn off cellular phones/pagers in class